Add Oil

What is this, and why do the East Asians love saying it?  Why ‘add oil’??

Well, think about it.  If you add oil to the car, what does it do?  It gives the car the ‘energy’ to go further.  It’s usually used when you’re cheering people on, but it’s a major part of culture so even if you’re going into an exam, your friend could say ‘add oil’, or any situation where you would use ‘come on’, as well.

If I’m having struggling to write an essay, and I text a friend, I moan a bit, and they do their best to cheer me up, a conversation might end like this, “chin up, jia-yo!”

How do you pronounce this properly?  Jia- yo.  Obviously, add as much gusto as possible.  Here’s a 10-second youtube clip on how to do it properly!


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