Yet Another Crossroads…

You know, there’s very little I would change about my life and how it has gone so far. Obviously, there are a few regrets along the way, but they’ve stopped keeping me up at night.

People are settling down into their careers or even their career paths, and I’m like, “Please can I have another temp job” because I am rather scared of making the ‘wrong decision’… Recently I’ve had a massive opportunity come from left field and for three days I was on a high. My highs are very high, my lows… pretty trough. For those three days, I was so sure that everything I had worked my ass off for, from High School, to Uni, on to present day, all culminated in this fantastic amazing opportunity. I was unstoppable, obviously. My life was going to turn around, that one guy’s voice niggling in my head would see that I managed to actually make something of myself, ha! Revenge is best served hot and sizzling.

Sadly, it was not to be, and I’ve been nursing my disappointment by over-cooking (not eating all of it I promise), and pretending to stay away from the booze (can I just say, for the record, proper alcohol is much kinder on the body than the cheap stuff).

So onwards into the unknown I go. Again. I mean, it’ll be okay, I know it will. Am I scared? Hell yes. Am I excited? Hell yes. I will make the best of whatever is to come, that is the only guarantee that I can make. Regardless of what I do and what happens, I will always be able to count my blessings, and I’m truly grateful for that.